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NCIS Los Angeles Season 1

The first season of the American television series NCIS: Los Angeles premiered on CBS on September 22, 2009, and concluded on May 25, 2010. It is the first spin-off series of NCIS. The series is set in Los Angeles , California, and follows the stories of the members of the Office of Special Projects, an undercover division of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).  The show and its characters were introduced during the sixth-season episodes of NCIS titled Legend (Part I)" and "Legend (Part II)". These episodes served as a backdoor pilot for the series.

Season one was originally planned to have thirteen episodes. On October 7, 2009, after rating as the most watched new show of the Fall 2009 US television season, CBS ordered a full set of 22 episodes, which was extended to 24 episodes On November 4, 2009.

NCIS: Los Angeles ranked #9 most watched series for the 2009-10 U.S. TV season with a total of 16.08 million viewers.



Chris O'Donnell 饰 G. Callen

Daniela Ruah 饰  Kensi Blye

Barrett Foa 饰  Eric Beale

Linda Hunt 饰  Hetty Lange

LL Cool J 饰  Sam Hanna

Eric Christian Olsen 饰  Marty Deeks

Renée Felice Smith 饰  Nell Jones

Miguel Ferrer 饰  Owen Granger

Peter Cambor 饰  Nate Getz

版本: 1080P 蓝光

视频: H264 高@4.1, 2570 秒, 11000 KB/秒, 1920x1080 @ 23.976031 帧/秒

音频1: DTS 48000Hz 6ch 1510 Kbps 英语

音频2: DTS 48000Hz 2ch 256 Kbps 法语

字幕1: PGS 英语

字幕2: PGS 西班牙语



NCIS Los Angeles(The Original TV Soundtrack).rar

NCIS S06E22.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS S06E23.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E01.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E02.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E03.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E04.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E05.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E06.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E07.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E08.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E09.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E10.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E11.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E12.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E13.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E14.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E15.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E16.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E17.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E18.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E19.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E20.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E21.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E22.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E23.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv

NCIS Los Angeles S01E24.1080P.Bluray.X264-CG.mkv


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